Responsive Logos

A long long time ago, when marketing was in its infancy, it was believed that your logo should be consistent to increase brand recognition. That belief is still held today. However, with new avenues for advertising, and screen sizes becoming smaller, something had to change.


The answer was Responsive Logos; logos that change in size, detail and sometimes color to suit the environment they are placed in.

The term “responsive” was first used to describe how websites adapted to the different screens we stare at today : desktop, tablet, phone. It was important for content to always appear at its best, no matter where it was shown. Brands took this concept and applied it to logos.


Scaling down on detail as the mark grows smaller.


Creating a responsive logo isn’t about making a different logo every time. It’s about creating different versions of the same thing and then optimizing them to fit the context. Going small isn’t the only answer. My favorite example is Starbucks’ solution for their sleeves.

Kervin FerreiraComment