I believe what you create is a reflection of who you are. When people interact with you, they make judgments about the things you share. They decide whether or not they like you. Simply put, people like things that look good.


Looking good is only half the battle. Pretty things alone aren't enough to drive traffic, build an email list, acquire new clients, or a number of other things that will help your business grow. The reason most designs fail is because they're all execution and no strategy.

By gathering data and using that insight to inform the design, you have a better chance at achieving business objectives.

For instance, if research shows that your target audience's purchases are motivated by a need for esteem and status, you can justify gold foil on the packaging, or up the price, to position it as higher quality. If data indicates that your audience makes up a big portion of smartphone users, you make an app. The reason you design a print ad should be that your ideal customer reads newspapers.

Strategic approaches to creative solutions are grounded in facts and better suited to help your business succeed. My name is Kervin. I design logos and brand identity systems for people just like you.


I’m originally from New York, born and raised in Brooklyn. I met my wife on Twitter almost 10 years ago, and moved to California. My favorite Haagen Dazs flavor is Caramel Cone. I like listening to music my parents listened to.

People always tell me I have great penmanship “for a guy.” My cat comes when I call him. I’m awesome.


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