Hacking Creativity

Amazon Prime was a genius idea. Whoever thought that up was using parts of the brain we don't even have a name for.  The concept sounds quite simple: pay more money, get extra perks. We were stead-fast in our hesitance.


"What's in it for me?" we asked.

Like the good little consumers we are, we wanted to make sure we were getting our money's worth. For parting with more of our hard earned cheddar, we'd be compensated with quicker delivery.


We tried it. They delivered.

Now, there are many other benefits to being an Amazon Prime member. However, I want to concentrate on 2-day delivery. I've been trying to deconstruct the kind of thinking that goes into coming up with such an idea. I wonder, was this simply a problem that could be solved with money? If that's the case, then solving the problem by throwing money at it is not a ground-breaking idea. Lets be real, most problems can be solved by throwing money at it. That makes it common. It's a commodity. Nothing special about that.

The reason I'm so drawn to this is because I'm completely impressed with an original idea. More than that, I'm envious of the balls it takes to make that idea come to life. Above all else, I'm trying to figure out how to translate that into my line of work.

Just think about it: if you could reverse engineer the logic of Amazon Prime, how would you apply it to your life to become more successful?

Kervin FerreiraComment