Why Great Design is Important

We all have the innate ability to create. It is in us. Anyone of us can write a poem, or paint a portrait. Anyone of us can produce a podcast, or host a weekly video series. It's in our nature to make things.

With the proliferation of technology, now everyone can feel like a pro. Prometheus stealing fire from the Gods, etc. Anyone of us can download an app, or purchase software, and become a designer. However, not all of us have studied color theory or the golden ratio. Not all of us have looked into the Gestalt principles or the Fibonacci number. Not all of us understand basic graphic design elements like alignment, hierarchy, and balance.


Now, more than ever, design is an important aspect of your business. Before we even experience your product or service, we see it. It's in the aisles at our local supermarket. It's in the ads in our magazines. It's in a picture on our timeline while we scroll our phones. Your brand is the reputation that precedes your business. Do you really want to leave that in the hands of just anyone?

You’ve got a great idea. You may be a genius, and you may have thought of something that will change the world. But if you can't make it presentable, beautiful, and attractive, people aren’t going to get it. They're not going to listen. They're not going to care.

You could lose a fortune in revenue simply because people do not like "the way it looks." Do you want to risk that?

Anyone can get the job done, but a professional will do it well.

Kervin FerreiraComment