The Process

Behind every successful branding project, regardless of nature or complexity, lies a proven method. This process is a recipe for success. A map that leads you to treasure every time.

Here’s how I craft effective design solutions.


in a nut shell

You and I talk about your business goals. I take that info and conduct research. I present you with real-world examples of what we have discussed. We agree on a direction. I construct a custom design. You give me feedback. I make revisions. Rinse and repeat, if needed. You approve the work. I deliver the final design in all of the formats you need.


tell me everything

I believe design should be beautiful — and effective — to bring about business solutions.


Before designing anything, it is important to define the goal: What is the project, and what does it need to do? Who is it that you are serving? What are their pain points and challenges? By diagnosing the problem, we find out what is preventing you from accomplishing your goals.

I need to know what the creative parameters are. The outcome is influenced by facts: (a) who you are, (b) who needs to know, (c) how they will find out, and (d) why they should care.



Knowing who you are allows me to understand where you fit in the larger competitive environment. Evaluating existing brands, conducting market research, and recognizing the behaviors of your demographic ensures that solutions are linked to business goals and strategy.

Equipped with all of this information, I put together a couple of examples. This allows us to narrow down the direction you want to take. We agree on the direction, and I create a custom design based on the things we have discussed.



I develop concepts to support your brand. I sketch out dozens of ideas, fine-tuning each iteration. Because design is a solution to a visual problem, it is my job to find the best one (not three or five).

I present you with the strongest concept. If revisions are required, I make them, leaning heavily on strategy and research. In this way, adjustments do not reflect personal tastes, ideas or biases (mine or yours).



You approve the concept. We are almost there! Now I refine the elements of your brand identity. Decisions about typeface, color palettes, and secondary visual components are finalized during this phase. My obsessive attention to detail is required to ensure that all of the parts work in harmony, regardless of the medium in which they are presented (website, social media, advertising, stationery, signage, packaging, uniforms, etc).



Branding is about consistency. It happens over time, each time someone interacts with your brand. To ensure standards are maintained and consistency is implemented, a brand guideline is provided. Some basic elements are included: (a) how and where the logo is seen, (b) what colors are used, (c) which typeface is appropriate, (d) how photography plays a part, as well as (e) incorrect usage of all these elements.

Good, solid guidelines maintain brand integrity. They save time, money, and guarantee uniformity.


evolution of an idea

Watch the making of the logo for holistic health brand Inspired Wellness


experience the process

Elevate your brand.