Inspired Wellness is a holistic health brand based in San Diego. Services include: health coaching, restorative yoga and gentle fitness classes, meditation instruction, essential oil treatments, and personal development and business coaching. Founder, Amanda Woodrum, teaches classes in Southern California, and online.


The design brief called for a mark that was a "bold, yet detailed" image of a "sun or lotus flower." The client deals with organic, non-synthetic products, and provides a combination of yoga, meditation, and massage therapy. The logo was to represent this.

I had the unique task of creating a symbol that, upon first glance, appears abstract, while subtly hinting at visual markers designated by the client. Those markers included the company's initials, a representation of yoga, and a connection to the lotus flower. Custom typeface was also created for this project.

Concept behind the mark

Changes to "Comfortaa" typefont created a wordmark customized to the brand

Hidden meanings contained in the mark