What is a logo?


A logo is an identifier. If a company were a person, the logo is its face.

A logo doesn't describe your business. What it represents is more important than what it looks like. It gets its meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes. Ultimately, a logo doesn't mean anything until the brand gives it meaning.

What is a brand?


A brand is a person's gut feeling about your product or service.

Think of your best friend. Can you picture them in your mind? Hear their voice in your head? That feeling you have is the result of your best friend's "brand." If a logo is a company's face, the brand is its reputation.


How much do you charge?


Your company is different from every other, so it makes sense to tailor a quote to your individual needs. Tell me about your business and what you’re looking for, and I'll be better able to provide you with an accurate proposal.


What is your process?


I have a recipe that's been proven to work.

Design Brief > Research & Discovery > Sketching & Ideation > Refinement > Delivery

You are present for every step of the process. From filling out my design brief, to giving your input on sketches and ideas. If you need something amended, I'll make it happen. Only when you are satisfied do I move on to the next step. This back and forth continues as we bring your logo to life.

How long will it take?


Anywhere between three weeks to three months. I try my best to keep things moving forward on my end, but truthfully, there's no guaranteed deadline. A project's timeline varies considerably depending on challenges, requirements, and specific client needs.

Any other questions?


Don’t hesitate to contact me. I'll tell you everything I know. For everything else I don't know, I have a strong Wi-Fi connection, and my Google game is strong.