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DJ 360

The logo design process for DJ 360, a hip hop disc jockey from New York City.


DJ 360 is a hip hop disc jockey from New York City. He's a professionally and classically trained drummer, with a background in blues, soul, and funk.


I've never designed an ambigram before, so I was both excited and nervous when the client requested just that. Looking at as many examples as I could, I tried to find patterns I could repeat, as well as what things to avoid. At the heart of the design process, there was a lot of writing; writing the word, writing it backwards, writing it upside down, etc.

Initial design explorations [click to enlarge]


I loved being able to transform letters and numbers to look like anything, as long as the human eye could recognize it. I had a little trouble making the 3 legible. Jay-Z's "Blueprint 3" album cover, which was released earlier that year, and used three simple stripes, inspired me.